Decorative wall coverings for schools

School wall coveringsThis product is a new and exiting range of decorative wall coverings that offer exceptional noise reducing properties. The product is specifically designed for installation onto walls in busy classrooms and educational facilities.  in addition to the acoustic values this product is designed to improve and also perfect as a thermal insulator.

Available in a comprehensive range of modern, practical colours. This product also provides as a useful display board. Hook and loop fasteners or drawing pins can be used without damaging the surface.

The product was developed as a result of extensive consultation with educators. It is designed for installation into classrooms and general education areas where noise reduction will enhance the learning experience.

This fantastic new product will improve general acoustics, enhance space utilization and also thermally insulate walls against temperature extremes. The excellent noise absorption qualities displayed are as a result of the unique non woven high density polyester construction. This construction meets the British Standards Flammability rating for the purpose of its installation. The product is easy to install and the multi colour and functionality makes it the right choice for decorating a  classroom, corridor, music room, computer room and many other walls in the education sector.

School wall coverings


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